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Check if your computer is Windows 11 compatible with Powershell

Presentation This script allows you to have a first glimpse of the compatibility of your computer with Windows 11.  It was built on the basis of information available at the following address Lien Github : List of checked components : Architecture CPU RAM Screen resolution Hard drive Secure boot TPM version Script execution : The script must be run in a Powershell console with Admin rights .\W11_PrerequisitesCkeck.ps1 Results : If your computer is compatible Windows 11 : If your computer is not compatible Windows 11 :

Ping your infrastructure and send a desktop alert with Powershell

Presentation This script runs and loads the contents of a file to recover a list of devices to ping. If the device does not respond, an alert is issued on the desktop. In addition, a log file containing the list of available perimeters is created in the C:Logs directory. Github link :   Script Script exécution powershell.exe -executionpolicy ByPass -file C:\Temp\PingInfra.ps1 Result For each computer that is not available, you received a desktop alert A log file is created to the repository C:\Logs folder

Teams Room - install or schedule firmware update

Presentation This article describes how to update Microsoft Teams Room devices from the Teams admin portal. by default the updates are made 30 days after the availability of the firmware.  However, consideration may be given to deploying the update more quickly to fix a bug or equipment security flaw. Update method     1.  Go to      2. And click on Teams Devices / Teams Rooms on android (for example)      3. Click on targeted device     4. Click Health tab and click to See available updates     5. Two possibilities for updated the equipment         a. Manual method Check the box Firmware and click Update Key           b. Schedule install Click on the schedule button Select your Time Zone Select the date Select time  Check the Box Firmware Click Update 

Manage Calendar Permissions on Office 365 with PowerShell

This script is used to manage rights on users' calendars on Office 365 with Powershell. Github link :  Download Script Script exécution This script has three options for reading or changing rights on a user's calendar.  Command line : O365-ManageCalendarPermissions.ps1 -Choose Info Displays calendars and rights associated with the user's default calendar O365-ManageCalendarPermissions.ps1 -Choose Add Adds rights to a user in the organization on another user's calendar O365-ManageCalendarPermissions.ps1 -Choose Remove Remove rights to a user in the organization on another user's calendar Calendar permissions Exemple Add calendar permission 1. .\O365-ManageCalendarPermissions.ps1 -choose add 2. Enter your admin account information 3.  Enter verification code 4. Enter the name of the account to which you want to delegate a right 5. Enter the account name of the user to whom you want to assign rights 6. Specify permission type Result