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How to install Microsoft Edge on ChromeOS

For several months, it has been possible to integrate Chromebooks into Microsoft Intune. It may therefore be interesting to see which Microsoft tools can be installed on the ChromeOS environment. In this article, we will see how to install Microsoft Edge on ChromeOS. To do this, we will rely on the Linux development environment available on Chromebooks. Install the Linux development environment Go to  Start Menu Click  About ChromeOS Click  Set up  to  Linux development environnement Click N ext Enter a  Username ,  configure the storage  and click  Install loading installation Install  complete Install Microsoft Edge Go to Download the  package linux .deb After package download, go to  Files manager Right click  on Microsoft Edge package and select Install with Linux Click  Install Click  OK Install complete,   click on Microsoft Edge icon  for starting the browser

Run remediation on-demand on Windows Client using Microsoft Intune

In this new article, we will focus on an option that has been available in Preview for a few months now, it is Remediation on-demand The proactive remediations is scripts package available in the Microsoft Intune administration console. They detect and resolve common support issues on a user's device before they even realize there is a problem. We will see below what the necessary prerequisites are and how to use this new functionality. Prerequisites Whether enrolling devices via Intune or Configuration Manager, Remediation scripting has the following requirements: Devices must be Microsoft Entra joined or Microsoft Entra hybrid joined and meet one of the following conditions: Is managed by Intune and runs an Enterprise, Professional, or Education edition of Windows 10 or later. A co-managed device running Windows 10, version 1903 or later. Co-managed devices on preceding versions of Windows 10 will need the Client apps workload pointed to Intune (only applicable up to version 1607

How to disable Copilot on Windows using Microsoft Intune

  In this article, we will see how to disable Copilot on Windows using the Microsoft Intune solution. As a reminder, Windows Copilot is an Artificial Intelligence feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows 11 and which acts as a personal assistant by providing you with personalized recommendations, information and streamlined workflows to improve productivity and user experience . In some cases, it may be necessary to consider deactivating Windows Copilot and to do so, there are several possibilities :  GPO OMA-URI Settings Catalog Here, we will see the method via Settings Catalog . Disable Copilot for Windows with Settings Catalog Go to the console then perform the following actions: Go to Devices , Windows , Configuration Profiles and click on Create and New Policy In the Create Profile section, choose the following options: Platform : Windows 10 and later Profile Type Settings catalog Click Create In the Create a profile section, complete the fields : Name D

Block access to the Microsoft Store using Microsoft Intune

A secure work environment involves the implementation of processes, particularly those related to packaging, to allow the user to access reliable applications that have been tested and validated by the IT team. As soon as this first step is completed, it is necessary to restrict access to the Microsoft Store so that users can only install software provided through the corporate catalog. We'll see below how to block access to the Store through the Microsoft Intune solution, while still allowing apps flowing from it to continue receiving updates. Block access to the Microsoft Store Log on to and perform the following steps: Click on Devices / Windows  And select  Configuration Profiles Click on Create and New Policy When creating, select the following parameters Platform: Windows 10 and later Profile Type: Settings Catalog Click Create Complete Name field and click Next Then click Add Settings In the Search box , find, add and configure the following: Turn of

Copilot on your keyboard !

Microsoft has just announced that the next generation of computers equipped with Windows 11 will have a keyboard key dedicated to Copilot.