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User Assistant - Tool for End User

Presentation This tool aims to gather and provide the end user with options to perform simple actions without having to search everywhere in Windows. Github link : Options available List of actions : Computer information (Device Name, IP, @Mac, OS) Run remote control (msra) Data backup Internet connection test Clear cache DNS Reset network connection Restart SCCM service (Only if the Intune service is available on your computer) Restart Intune Service (Only if the Intune service is available on your computer) Quick scan with Windows Defender Full Scan with Windows Defender Logs All actions are logged to C:\Tools_CCMTune\Logs Convert to EXE For converting this script to exe file, I recommend that you use the tool made available by Damien Van Robaeys Github Link : Website Link :

How to change the PIN code of your FIDO 2 security key

Presentation In this article, we will see how to change the PIN of your FIDO 2 security key in Windows 11. This action must be performed from a computer on which the security key is configured Process Go to Settings / Account / Sign-in options / PIN (Windows Hello) Click Manage Tab Insert your FIDO 2 Security key Touch your security key In the Security Key PIN section , click Change tab Enter your old PIN code,  Set a new PIN code and click OK Tab

How to set up the FIDO2 Security Key for Windows 10/11

Presentation Windows Hello allows the use of many authentication methods, known as passwordless. Here we will see how to configure a FIDO2 security key in Windows 10/11. Prerequisites Have internet access to configure the key Multi-Factor authentication activated on Azure Services A FIDO2 security Key The following network streams must be accessible * * * * * * * * Configuration  Go to Click Security info Select Add sign-in method Select Security Key and click Add Click Next Enter your account credentials and click Verify Select the type of security key used Click Next Select External Security Key or built-in sensor Click OK Click OK Insert your Security Key Enter the security key PIN Code