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How to configure Windows Client power options with Microsoft Intune

In this post, we will see how to configure Windows 10/11 power management with the configuration profiles available in the Microsoft Intune.  Available Power Plan Options Below is a list of the parameters currently available via the configuration profiles. Process Open your browser and connect to Go to Devices section and select Configuration profiles Select Create Profiles Select Platform and Profile type and click Create : Platform : Windows 10 and later Profile type : Settings catalog Enter a Name for the Configuration Profile and click Next Click Add Settings Enter Power in the search bar and click Search Select Power in the category list to display the list of available parameters. Select the necessary parameters for your configuration and configure them . After configuration, click Next Scope tags , click Next Select a Device group for the deployment and click Next For deployments, you can also target all devices and use filters to target spec

How to install Microsoft Teams on Ubuntu

Microsoft Teams is now available on progressive web app.   See this blog post : Microsoft Teams is a proprietary enterprise communication platform developed by Microsoft and is a collaborative application that brings together chat capabilities, Calls, collaboration and meetings via a single interface to facilitate teamwork. This tool is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and recently on Linux . Below is how to install the Teams client on Ubuntu 22.04 client. Prerequisites Linux distributions supporting . deb and . rpm packages Teams client installation 1. Update your operating system Open a Terminal and execute this command line sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y 2. Install prerequisites packages Execute this command line in Terminal sudo apt install software-properties-common apt-transport-https wget ca-certificates gnupg2 -y 3. Import the GPG Key Execute this command line in Terminal wget -

How to enroll your Linux device to Microsoft Intune

Presentation Microsoft Intune can now manage Linux devices. For the moment, this integration allows two interests : to control the compliance of the peripherals  to have visibility on the existence of these peripherals To be integrated, Linux devices must meet the following prerequisites: OS : Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04 Microsoft Edge installed Microsoft Intune App installed  A compliance rule must be created on Microsoft Intune Installation of prerequisites Install Microsoft Edge for Linux Go to In this page, click on Linux (.deb) On the downloaded package , right click and choose this option : Open With Other Application Select Software Install Click Install Microsoft Edge is installed Install Microsoft Intune Portal Open Terminal app on Linux Install Curl sudo apt install curl gpg Install the Microsoft package signing key For Ubuntu 20.04 : curl | gpg --dearmor > microsoft.gpg sudo in

How to create a Windows 365 Demo tenant

In this blog post, we will see how to create a test tenant for Windows 365 which will allow you to test all the features offered by the solution. The site  allows you to create various test tenants to evaluate the different solutions offered by Microsoft. This site allows you to create up to   6 test tenants :   1 tenant  with a validity  period of one year 5 tenants  with a validity  period of 3 months The list of available solutions : Microsoft 365 Business Premium Demo Content Microsoft 365 Enterprise Demo Content Office + Office CAS Demo Content Microsoft 365 Enterprise with Users and No Content Microsoft Education Demo Content Microsoft 365 Enterprise Demo Content with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Licenses - no pre-hydrated threat content Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Microsoft 365 Compliance Microsoft Defender for Business Demo Tenant Dynamics 365 Business Central Teams for Banking World Wide Government M365 Business Premium with Voice US Frontl

How to configure Enrollment Notification in MEM

Presentation Enrollment notifications inform device users, via email or push notification, when a new device has been enrolled in Microsoft Intune. You can use enrollment notifications for security purposes to notify users and help them report devices enrolled in error, or for communicating to employees during the hiring or onboarding process. Enrollment notifications are available to try now in public preview for Windows, Apple, and Android devices. This feature is only supported with user-driven enrollment methods. Source :  What's new in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Learn How to configure Enrollment Notification For configure this feature, open the MEM console : Go to Devices / Enroll Devices Click Enroll notifications Click Create Notifications Complete the  Name field and click Next Select the notification type , complete all fields, select the desired options to compose the mail   and click Next Scope tags , click Next Select a users group or all users for the assignment a