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Windows 365, disable local drive redirection using Microsoft Intune

In the interests of securing AVD and Windows 365 environments, it may be interesting to ask the question of the redirection of local drive or folder to remote session. Often, Windows 365 users use a personal and potentially insecure computer to access a customer's Windows 365/AVD services. It is therefore essential to guard against the dangers that this type of scenario may entail. To avoid this, it is possible to prohibit the mounting of local drives in a remote session. To do this, I invite you to follow the procedure below. Configuration profile creation Go to Go to  Devices / Windows / Configuration Profiles Click  Create Profile Select :  Platform :  Windows 10 and later Profile Type :  Settings Catalog Complete the Name field  and click  Next Click Add settings Go to Administrative Templates \ Windows Components \ Remote Desktop Services \ Remote Desktop Session Host \ Device and Resource Redirection Select Do not allow drive redirection Close the pane

Microsoft Intune, Uninstall Win32 app with the company portal

With the arrival of build 2307 of Microsoft Intune , Microsoft provides a new option on the Application part. Source :  What's new in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Learn This option allows us to offer users the possibility of uninstalling an Win32 application via the Company Portal. Below you will find the procedure to activate the option in the Microsoft Intune console. Prerequisites Intune tenant up to date Win32 app available in the company portal A valid Uninstall command line Enabling the Uninstall option Go to Navigate to Apps / Windows Select an  Win32 App and click Properties On Program , click Edit Activate the option Allow available uninstall  by switching the option to Yes Click Review + Save for all sections and click Save User side Open the company portal then select an available Win32 application. After updating, you should see the mention Uninstall.  Click Uninstall for remove the application.