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Compliance settings for Ubuntu in Microsoft Intune

The integration of linux in Microsoft Intune offers the possibility of creating and applying compliance rules on this device.  At the moment, the possibilities remain limited but still make it possible to apply security policies to workstations which very often find themselves isolated. Compliance rules possibilities Here is the list of compliance rules currently available : Allowed distributions Custom Compliance Device Encryption Password Policy List of prerequisites Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04 LTS Download Ubuntu Desktop | Download | Ubuntu Microsoft Edge 102.x or later installed How to install Microsoft Edge on Ubuntu ( Microsoft Intune App for Linux How to enroll your Linux device to Microsoft Intune ( Create a compliance rule for Ubuntu Go to Click Devices / Linux / Compliance policies Select Create policy and click Create Enter a rule name and click Next Click Add settings Select one or more settings  to be configured In my case, i choice

Microsoft Store app (new) in Microsoft Intune

The Microsoft Store for Business that we know will be retired in the first quarter of 2023 . In the meantime, Microsoft has made new tools available to improve the way we manage our application deployments. There's the Windows Package Manager (Winget). ( And recently, the new Microsoft Store App has appeared, followed by a new application deployment feature, called Microsoft Store app (New) , in the Microsoft Intune console. How to deploy an application with the new feature Go to Select Windows and click Add Select Microsoft Store app (new) and click Select Click "Search the Microsoft Store app (new)" Search and select an application and click Next Select a device or user group for deployed this application and click Next Review + create , click Create Client side verification Installation of vlc is successful.

Winget - Presentation and usage

Winget is a tool using the command line to install, uninstall or update applications on a computer equipped with Windows 10 or 11. Winget installation Winget Tool is already present in Windows 11 and as well as in recent versions of windows 10. For other versions of Windows 10, the application is available in the Microsoft Store :  Link for download Winget The winget command-line tool is only supported on Windows 10 1709 (build 16299) or later at this time. Supported installer formats Below is the list of installers supported by the Winget tool EXE (with Silent and SilentWithProgress indicators) INNO NULLSOFT MSI and MSIX APPX BURN PORTABLE Using Winget 1. Search an application For search an application, Use the following command line : winget  search   ApplicationName For example, with Adobe Reader application : 2. Application installation Before starting the installation of an application, it is important to know the list of available command options. To do this, simply run the follo