Compliance settings for Ubuntu in Microsoft Intune

The integration of linux in Microsoft Intune offers the possibility of creating and applying compliance rules on this device. 

At the moment, the possibilities remain limited but still make it possible to apply security policies to workstations which very often find themselves isolated.

Compliance rules possibilities

Here is the list of compliance rules currently available :

  • Allowed distributions
  • Custom Compliance
  • Device Encryption
  • Password Policy

List of prerequisites

Create a compliance rule for Ubuntu

  • Go to
  • Click Devices / Linux / Compliance policies
  • Select Create policy and click Create
  • Enter a rule name and click Next

  • Click Add settings
  • Select one or more settings to be configured
    • In my case, i choice Password Policy

  • Select one or more options to be configured and close the panel

  • Configure all options and click Next

  • Configure Actions for noncompliance and click Next
  • Select assignments and click Next
  • Review & Create, click Create


After few minutes, we can check the result in de Microsoft Intune App

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