Microsoft Store app (new) in Microsoft Intune

The Microsoft Store for Business that we know will be retired in the first quarter of 2023.

In the meantime, Microsoft has made new tools available to improve the way we manage our application deployments. There's the Windows Package Manager (Winget). (

And recently, the new Microsoft Store App has appeared, followed by a new application deployment feature, called Microsoft Store app (New), in the Microsoft Intune console.

How to deploy an application with the new feature

  • Go to
  • Select Windows and click Add
  • Select Microsoft Store app (new) and click Select
  • Click "Search the Microsoft Store app (new)"
  • Search and select an application and click Next
  • Select a device or user group for deployed this application and click Next
  • Review + create, click Create

Client side verification

  • Installation of vlc is successful.

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