How to configure Windows Client power options with Microsoft Intune

In this post, we will see how to configure Windows 10/11 power management with the configuration profiles available in the Microsoft Intune. 

Available Power Plan Options

Below is a list of the parameters currently available via the configuration profiles.


  • Open your browser and connect to
  • Go to Devices section and select Configuration profiles
  • Select Create Profiles
  • Select Platform and Profile type and click Create:
    • Platform : Windows 10 and later
    • Profile type : Settings catalog
  • Enter a Name for the Configuration Profile and click Next
  • Click Add Settings
  • Enter Power in the search bar and click Search
  • Select Power in the category list to display the list of available parameters.

  • Select the necessary parameters for your configuration and configure them. After configuration, click Next
  • Scope tags, click Next
  • Select a Device group for the deployment and click Next
    • For deployments, you can also target all devices and use filters to target specific computers
  • Check your configuration and click Create

Checking the application of parameters

Go to
  • Click Devices \ Configurations Profiles \ Your configuration Profiles
  • Click View report
    • This first report shows an overview of configuration profiles deployments 

  • Click on your device name for more details
  • This view allows visibility for each deployed parameter.


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