How to disable Copilot on Windows using Microsoft Intune


In this article, we will see how to disable Copilot on Windows using the Microsoft Intune solution.

As a reminder, Windows Copilot is an Artificial Intelligence feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows 11 and which acts as a personal assistant by providing you with personalized recommendations, information and streamlined workflows to improve productivity and user experience .

In some cases, it may be necessary to consider deactivating Windows Copilot and to do so, there are several possibilities : 
  • GPO
  • Settings Catalog
Here, we will see the method via Settings Catalog.

Disable Copilot for Windows with Settings Catalog

Go to the console then perform the following actions:
  • Go to Devices, Windows, Configuration Profiles and click on Create and New Policy
  • In the Create Profile section, choose the following options:
    • Platform :
      • Windows 10 and later
    • Profile Type
      • Settings catalog
  • Click Create
  • In the Create a profile section, complete the fields :
    • Name
    • Description
  • And click Next
  • In Configuration Settings, click Add Settings then search for Windows AI

  • Select Windows AI in the list of results then check the box “Turn off Copilot in Windows (Users)”
  • Enable the parameter and click Next

  • Scope Tags, Click Next
  • Assignments, Select a Users group or All users and click Next
  • Review + Create, Click Create

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