How to install Microsoft Edge on ChromeOS

For several months, it has been possible to integrate Chromebooks into Microsoft Intune. It may therefore be interesting to see which Microsoft tools can be installed on the ChromeOS environment.

In this article, we will see how to install Microsoft Edge on ChromeOS. To do this, we will rely on the Linux development environment available on Chromebooks.

Install the Linux development environment

  • Go to Start Menu
  • Click About ChromeOS
  • Click Set up to Linux development environnement

  • Click Next
  • Enter a Usernameconfigure the storage and click Install

  • loading installation

  • Install complete

Install Microsoft Edge

  • Go to
  • Download the package linux .deb

  • After package download, go to Files manager
  • Right click on Microsoft Edge package and select Install with Linux

  • Click Install

  • Click OK

  • Install complete, click on Microsoft Edge icon for starting the browser

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