List the disks and shares of a client computer

1. Presentation

This script retrieves the list of disks and other network shares from a user session, saves the information to a local CSV file that is then sent to a network share.

2. Script details

#Declaration des variables
$computer = $env:COMPUTERNAME
$File = "C:\Windows\temp\$computer.csv"
$targetfile = "\\NomduServeur\Share_Name\"
#Remove du fichier existant sur le serveur
rm $targetfile$computer.csv
#Recuperation des informations
$Result1 = (Get-wmiobject Win32_computersystem).PrimaryOwnerName
$Result2 = (Get-wmiobject Win32_computersystem).Name
$Result3 = Get-PSDrive -PSProvider FileSystem | Select-Object Name, DisplayRoot
#Creation du fichier CSV
$Result1 + ";  " + $Result2 + ";  " | Out-File $File -Append
$Result3 | Out-File $File -Append
#Copie du fichier vers le serveur distant
cp $File $targetfile
#Remove du fichier local
rm $File

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