Configure Google Chrome with Microsoft Intune

With the arrival of Microsoft Intune release 2203, Microsoft is providing us with new administrative templates for Google Chrome so that MEM administrators can manage Google browser settings.

Source : What's new in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs

Let's take a look at how to use Google Chrome Administrative Templates in Microsoft Intune.

Create a configuration profile

To do this, go to the Microsoft Intune console then perform the following actions:

Go to Devices / Windows / Configuration Profiles and select option Create profile

Choose the following options for create your profile :

  • Windows 10 and later
  • Templates
  • Administrative Templates

Then click on the button Create

Then complete the Name and designation fields and click on Next

Sélect Google

Select Google Chrome and Google Chrome

Select the options you want to apply to user's workstations.

In my case, I put the Bing url as the homepage and added the Evernote Clipper extension

On the next screen, click Next

Select the groups to which you want to apply the changes

Check your configuration and click on Create

Validation of changes applied to the workstation

After synchronization of the station, a mention is added in the menu of Google Chrome

Checking the Bing URL change:

Verifying Evernote clipper extension installation

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