How to set time zone on Windows Device with Microsoft Intune


This post details all the steps to set the correct time zone on the device managed by Microsoft Intune.

This setting disables the "Set time zone automatically" option. This configuration is particularly relevant when deploying Windows 365 devices used by users in different countries or users who do not travel abroad.


  • Open the Microsoft Intune Console :
  • Click "Create Profile"
  • Select "Windows 10 and later" then "Settings Catalog" and click "Create"
  • Complete the field "Name"

  • Click "Add Settings"

  • Enter "Time zone" in the search zone and click "Search" then in the category field, select "Time Language Settings" and Tick "Configure Time Zone"

  • Enter your Time Zone ID in the field "Configure Time Zone" 
    • To get the list of Time zone IDs, open a PowerShell console and launch this command line :  Get-TimeZone -ListAvailable
  • Click Next

  • Select a device group for deploy this config
  • Click "Create"

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