Microsoft Teams, Progressive Web APP on Ubuntu

Recently, Microsoft applications are beginning to appear on Ubuntu and with the arrival of Progressiv Web Apps (PWA), this greatly facilitates their porting. The latest application is Microsoft Teams.

In this blog post, we will see how to install Microsoft Teams using the PWA.


Below is the list of prerequisites
  • Microsoft Edge or Chrome

Install Microsoft Teams PWA

  • On your Ubuntu computer, open Microsoft Edge or Chrome
  • Connect to Teams Web site 
  • Enter your credential informations
  • Click on the icon below
  • Select Install
  • Teams is installed on your computer

Uninstall Teams PWA

  • Open Microsoft Edge or Chrome
  • Go to Menu / Apps / Manage Apps
  • Click on the three little dots
  • Select Uninstall

Teams PWA - Auto-start on device login

Recently, you can activate the automatic launch of Microsoft Teams PWA via Microsoft Edge. To do this, simply repeat all the steps for uninstalling the application and select the option :
  • Auto-start on device login

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