How to customize Windows 365 device name

Since its release, Windows 365 did not offer the possibility of naming devices. It was necessary to pass either by script or by CSP.

Microsoft has just made available feature that finally allows you to name a cloud PC as you can do with an autopilot PC.

1. Process for an existing Provisioning Policy

To do this, simply perform the actions below:
  • Go to Microsoft Intune console
  • Click Devices \ Windows 365
  • Select your Windows 365 Provisioning Policy
  • In Configuration section, click Edit
  • Tick "Apply device name template"

  • Complete the field "Enter a name Template" with the appropriate value for your context

  • Check the summary of changes and click Update at the bottom of the page.

To be active on existing Cloud PCs, it will be necessary to launch a device reprovisioning.

2. Process for a new Provisioning Policy

To do this, in the creation of a provisioning rule, simply check the Cloud PC Naming box and add a naming rule in step 3.

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