Enabling Edge Workspaces on Windows 11 with Microsoft Intune


Edge Workspaces provides an incredible way for customers to organize their browsing tasks into dedicated windows. Each Edge Workspace contains its own sets of tabs and favorites, all created and curated by the user and their collaborators. Edge Workspaces are automatically saved and kept up to date. Workspaces are accessible anywhere customers use Microsoft Edge with their Microsoft Entra accounts.


  • Users must have a Microsoft Entra tenant and Microsoft Edge version 114 or later installed or  Microsoft Edge for Business version 116
  • To manage via group policy, Admins must have Microsoft Edge version 114 or later installed and version 114 of the policy files.
  • Users must have access to a OneDrive for Business license to create an Edge Workspace

Enable feature with Microsoft Intune

  • Go to intune.microsoft.com
  • Select Devices / Windows / Configuration Profiles and click Create
  • Create profile
    • Platform : Windows 10 and later
    • Profile type : Settings catalog
  • Complete the name field
  • Click Add settings
  • Search Enable Workspaces with search field

  • Select Microsoft Edge Edge Workspaces settings, Enable the feature and click Next

  • Scope tags, Click Next
  • Assignments, select devices or users group and click Next
  • Review + create, click Create


Users side

  • Go to Settings / Account / Access work or school
  • Select your user account and click Info

Other possibilities
  • Open Microsoft Edge and check if the feature is enable

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