Hide your account information on the Windows login screen with Microsoft Intune

Protecting the identity of your users is an important element in terms of computer security.

By default, when you start your computer, the startup screen gives you access to the following information :
  • User picture
  • The last connected user on the computer

In this article we will see how to hide the identity of the user at the login and lock screen of your computer with Microsoft Intune.

Create a configuration profile in Microsoft Intune

  • Go to endpoint.microsoft.com
  • Go to Devices / Windows / Configuration Profiles
  • Click Create Profile
  • Select : 
    • Platform : Windows 10 and later
    • Profile Type : Settings Catalog
  • Complete the Name field and click Next
  • Click Add settings and Search Interactive logon
  • Click Local Policies Security Options
  • Select this options on the list :
    • Interactive Logon Do Not Display Username At Sign In
    • Interactive Logon Do Not Display User information When The Session is Locked
    • Interactive Logon Do Not Display Last Signed In
  • Configure all options as below
  • Scope tag, click Next
  • Assignments, select a devices group or all devices
  • Review + create, click Create


Console side

  • Go to https://endpoint.microsoft.com
  • Click Devices \ Configurations Profiles \ Your configuration Profiles
  • Click View report

Client side

After applying the configuration profile, the credentials information will be gone.

To go further

To go further in terms of configuration, you can also hide the following elements:
  • Switch user button
  • Network icon

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