Manage drive space with Storage Sense

Available on Windows 10 and 11, Storage Sense can automatically free up drive space for you by getting rid of items that you don't need, like temporary files, like items in your downloads folder and items in your Recycle Bin.

Storage Sense also allows you to manage locally available cloud content. If these files have not been used for a while, Storage Sense will automatically revert them to cloud storage only.

Manual setup

Feature activation

  • Go to Start / Settings / System / Storage
  • Set Storage Sense feature to On

Configure your Storage Sense settings

  • Go to Start / Settings / System / Storage
  • Click Storage to access Storage Sense configuration
We have the possibilities to configure 
  • Cleanup of temporary files
  • Automatic User content cleanup
  • Locally available cloud content

After configuration, click Run Storage Sense Now

With Microsoft Intune

Create and configure the Storage Sense configuration profile

  • Go to and Devices / Windows / Configuration Profiles
  • Click Create Profile
  • Select Windows 10 Platform and Settings Catalog
  • Complete Name filed and click Next
  • Click Add settings
  • Search Storage
  • Select the necessary options
  • Configure selected options

  • Scope Tags, click Next
  • Assignments, select all device or device group and click Next
  • Review and Create, click Create


  • Go to and Devices / Windows / Configuration Profiles
  • Select your Storage Sense configuration profile
  • Click View report

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